Patient capital solutions for privately-held businesses






  • We understand the importance of legacy to family-owned businesses

    Eagle Hill Partners is a Chicago-based private investment firm that partners with founder and family-owned businesses where we can leverage our experience and professional network to support operational improvements and growth initiatives. Eagle Hill Partners is different from traditional private equity. We contribute long-term capital with flexible investment horizons and structures to provide full or partial liquidity events to ownership. We are supported by an active Advisory Board that includes principal investors and former privately-held company executives who provide significant investing experience and industry expertise.

  • Focus

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    Investment Criteria

    Businesses should meet most of the following:

    • Recurring or predictable revenue streams
    • Sustainable margin and profits
    • Defensible competitive advantage
    • Fragmented market
    • Revenue between $5M and $40M
    • Headquartered in the U.S. 
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    Partnership Situations

    Open to a wide variety of structures, including:

    • Recapitalizations of privately-held or family-owned businesses with or without continuing ownership or management
    • Companies seeking capital to accelerate organic growth or fund acquisitions
    • Management led buyouts of private companies
    • Companies facing strategic or operational challenges
  • Partner Companies


    Jensen's Plumbing & Heating

    Industry: HVAC & Plumbing Installation, Retrofit, Service & Repair
    Initial Investment: July 2021

    Jensen's Plumbing & Heating (JPH) is an HVAC and plumbing contractor and service provider in the Chicagoland area. JPH serves commercial, industrial, medical, residential, and public end markets.

    *Actively seeking add-ons in the Midwest.
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    GHC Mechanical

    Industry: HVAC Installation, Retrofit, Service & Repair
    Initial Investment: November 2022

    GHC Mechanical is one of the Chicagoland area’s premier commercial Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) mechanical contractors and service providers. The Company also provides heating and air conditioning service and maintenance services for the commercial and industrial end markets

    *Actively seeking add-ons in the Midwest.